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  • February 1, 2013 9:53 am

ASBO Buyer’s Guide

ASBO International now provides a great resource for its members and all school business officials. The ASBO Buyer’s Guide is a digital buyer’s guide that allows you to find the relevant products and services you need – without the unrelated clutter of a general Internet search engine.  Find fantastic new products and save valuable time and money by utilizing the ASBO Buyer’s Guide.

Start your search now!

Bookmark ASBO Buyer’s Guide as a regular resource for school district purchasing.


Interested in reaching your target market 365 days a year? Call 913-344-1411 or send an email to Dee Busby at dbusby@ascendintegratedmedia.com for more information.  View the ASBO Buyer’s Guide Media Kit.

Corporate Members:

You have the option of enhancing your listing and making your company more visible. For a list of features and placement opportunities, check out the ASBO Buyer’s Guide Media Kit, or contact Dee Busby at Ascend Integrated Media for more information.

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